Wednesday, 11 August 2010

My baby boy is 4

It seems that only yesterday I was in pain in Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London, waiting on a wheelchair for the hospital staff to clean a birthing room... yes, I was in a queue!
I did think that my little boy was gonna be born on a wheelchair in the hospital corridor with his daddy absent... but that is a story for another day... yes, amazingly I haven't told it yet, mostly for the fact that its gonna be a mega post and I am rubbish at writing unlike some other fabulous mummy bloggers I know!!

Anyway, my little Stefan was 4 on the 29th of April 2010 (yes I know I'm late... like everything else in my life! ;D).

His first two birthdays were BBQ's with family & friends and his 3rd birthday was a children's party with some games, but nothing extra special.

Now his 4th birthday I really wanted to be special, something that he would remember, as he is now in the age of getting excited about his birthday party. We have been a bit skint with my hubby looking for a new job and all so we didn't have much money to play around with, but I really wanted to make it special for him.

I went around and around in circles in my head and thought dressing up was a good idea as he was really into Toy Story and it sounded fun, he was ecstatic about the idea too! So we went out and bought him a Woody outfit and he was so excited!!

But then I thought... what the heck am I gonna do with a bunch of dressed up kids looking at me??!! Ahhhhh, didn't sound like much fun to me at all!!!

I spoke to my hubby and we agreed on a jumpy castle to keep the rugrats busy... and that was that!

Amazingly when it came to the actual birthday party the kids REALLY enjoyed the jumpy castle, I mean really... they were on it for 4-5 hours, only stoping to eat or drink!!! I sincerely though the novelty with wear off after 2 hours... but even the adults wanted a go on it... the party only stopped because it started raining!
To this day Stefan still talks about his party and that was my goal, to make my funny bunny happy and etch his 4th birthday into his memory. I think I achieved that!!

I love you my boy and you always be my baby.

Lots of love,
Monica x

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