Saturday, 27 July 2013

Another Meerkat!

Yes it's true, we got yet another meerkat, it's a fluffy plush one and as much as my loving husband wants the real thing, he's not getting it, so he gets excited about the stuffed one.

It all started when he was a child and living in South Africa, his mum rescued a poor little mite from a family that was going to cook him for dinner. Yes, meerkat for dinner, you heard it right.

Terrible. So the result was a little meerkat running around in my parent in law's house, he became part of the family, bit the granny because she was mean to him, but was like a furry little brother to my husband... they watched out for each other, played together, etc.

So now my husband, all grown up, has a bit of an obsession with meerkats and has managed to pass on the obsession to us... I mean what is there not to love?!

We watched Meerkat Manor as a family and love the funny and cute Compare the Meerkat adverts!
When we went on a Zoo visit a few years ago I couldn't resist and bought a meerkat plush toy for my husband (yes, yes, I know he's a grown man but it's the thought that counts hey?!)

So naturally when we go looking for insurance, the advert stuck in our brains and we also tried their website amongst others and bam! It was the cheapest quote and we got yet another (our second) Compare the Market meerkat toy!!

I know we get excited easily, but this meerkat not only makes my husband happy, because as soon as it arrives we send it to South Africa as a gift to my mother in law and she loves them!

Plus it's pretty cool the video they do for you... I mean who wouldn't like to see their name in fireworks?! (On the website it showed th video below with 'Congratulations Emile')


If you want your own don't forget to check out to see if you can save money on your insurance. This is not a sponsored post, it was just so much fun I wanted to share!

Monica x

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