Friday, 8 October 2010

Jo Jo Car Toy Review

When I initially had a look at this toy I have to be honest, I didn't think much of it, it looked cute because of the bunny but I sincerely thought "Just another car toy", it was for my little girl to try out so I wasn't very excited about it as the house is full of cars because of her older brother.
But Oh Boy! I really wasn't expecting this...

First of all I'll tell you what they say about the Jojo Car on the Jojo website:

Go on a fun and exciting journey with the ‘Jojo Car’.
As Jojo Car drives around the room his lights flash and his wheels wobble as he plays a variety of catch phrases and sound effects. But look out! If he hits an object you’ll hear a bumping sound and Jojo will be ejected from the car as he playfully tells you he’s going too fast!
Jojo car is an interactive toy that will keep children and parents laughing, as he tries to navigate his way around the room.

Well, let me tell you, the toy is in fact really entertaining and funny, I really wasn't expecting that!

When you pop him on the ground and press the bunny into his seat, it his eyes light up and the bunny sings a song while wonkily, yes wonkily, riding along! It is so cute! But then when the front of the car bumps into the wall or furniture, the car makes a bump noise and Jojo the bunny gets thrown out and says Ow Ow Ouch! 

That is funny but the funniest and cutest is our daughters reaction to it!! At first she would go "Ohoh!" but shortly afterwards she started copying Jojo with the "Ou Ou Ouch!"...

She kept on playing with it for quite a while which really surprised me, this toy is suitable from 12 months and BooBoo is going on 16 months, however her brother is 4.5 years old and loved it too!

So for £19.99 I think its really worth it, and although we have had it for 2 weeks now the kids are still playing with Jojo Car! :) You can also play hide and seek with Jojo online!

Here is a video of the Jojo Car!

There are 6 toys in the Jojo range and I really love Jojo Hide & Seek, I think I might get that for BooBoo as a Christmas present! It plays hide and seek and you can even record your childs name so Jojo can say their name! Looks fun too.

A fun and also educational toy that any kid of any age will find entertaining (I'm a big kid really ;) )!

  • Will keep your toddler entertained for a good while
  • Fun for the whole family
  • Educational for all, toddlers learn to press Jojo in the car, about cause & effect, and learn new words, older kids learn the travelling song Jojo sings!
  • Nice and bright colours make toy suitable for boys or girls
  • As surface of the bumper is shiny and sleek, sometimes when the car goes into something it doesn't "Jojo bump" if its not a straight on bump, as the shiny surface makes the car go a different way, I reckon if it was a rubbery bumper this might be less likely to happen! 
Monica x

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