Saturday, 9 October 2010

Secret Within... Recipe

A very long time ago, we have had a coffee shop in Faro, Algarve Portugal, there we served light meals, in particular at lunch times. The Portuguese have two hot meals a day, lunch and dinner.  So, everyday we had to come up with a special.

One day, I came up with this, my own recipe from scratch....
Secret Within - Individual Portion
 The secret within...(Minced Meat Dish)
Portuguese recipe - Segredo de Carne

*Serves 4 - regular portions
Serves 2 - large portions
(Meat can be replaced by vegetarian substitute but please note I can't say it will taste the same.)
*Half it if you want to serve just 2 regular eaters

  • 600-800gm of Minced Beef, (Pork, mixed or lamb)
  • Salt, (table or sea salt)-to taste 
  • Ground Black Pepper or Piri-Piri-To taste 
  • Margarine-1 Table spoon-leveled 
  • Olive Oil-4 Table spoons-leveled-(for the meat)
  • Olive Oil + 1 table spoon of Margarine-leveled (to Fry the eggs on)
  • Oil-as needed, (for the option of frying the chips) 
  • Lard-2 Table spoon-leveled 
  • 1 Bay Leaf 
  • 1 Garlic Head/Paste
  • Parsley-a few stems 
  • 1.5kg bag of precooked oven chips-(can be replaced with real chips from peeling and slicing potatoes in to sticks)
  • 4 eggs
  • Grated Cheese -to taste
  • Deep Fryer, (or deep frying pan for the chips, alternatively prepared in the oven according to instructions in the packet, Bla, Bla, Bla.)
  • Shallow frying Pan, (big enough for the amount of meat in question)
  • Small Shallow frying pan to fry the eggs
  • Oven & Tray or alternatively Microwave and individual plates

Wash the  bay leaf, parsley, and peeled garlic, open the meat packet and leave as is.
Chop the Parsley finely and chop the garlic in tiny sticks and tear the Bay leaf.

Turn the oven on full blast.

In the larger shallow frying pan, (for the meat), place the bay leaf, the olive oil, lard, margarine, garlic, and heat it up.
Start adding the meat by pulling a part the little strings of mince, (no mince can be left stuck together), sprinkle it all with pepper and salt, turn it around until cooked to taste, sprinkle the chopped parsley, mix, mix, mix.  Ready!!

In the small shallow frying pan, (for the eggs), place the olive oil and margarine, and fry the eggs. (medium heat, pouring the fat on the top of the eggs constantly until cooked to preference)

Put the deep fryer on, and once hot enough start frying the chips (if you don't have a deep fryer, do your oven chips in the oven as normal), after cooked put them in an oven tray, or divided on to serving plates, (if using Microwave).

On the top of the chips put the prepared meat, spreading it evenly. Cover with Grated cheese.
Place it in the oven top shelve in full blast, you only want to melt the cheese.
Once ready, divide into portions (if applicable) and serve with fried egg on top

Mum-AKA Funnybanana

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