Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Shloer sparkling juice drink Review

Shloer is non alcoholic so can be enjoyed by the whole family
The people over at Shloer sent us some bottles to try out and review, I must say I was quite looking forward to it as I had seen it in the supermarket but never bought it as I am not a big fan of sparkling drinks as they are far too often really sweet.

Shloer White Grape
We took it over to some friends that we visited as they had a new baby and as they are muslim they can't have alcohol for religious reasons, so I thought it quite appropriate to take a bottle of Shloer!

The white grape tastes very much like white wine, I wasn't very partial to it as I am not a fan of white wine but my friend found it fab! She converted to being muslim a few years back so she used to drink wine before but now that she can't have alcohol she rather missed the taste of the wine... and this Shloer flavour did just the trick!

Shloer Rose
This was nice but again it tasted just like wine minus the alcohol, not as strong as the white grape I think, refreshing but not a variety I would personally buy again. As we are not wine drinkers the "winey" taste wasn't very exciting for us, but this would certainly be great for folks who like wine but want to avoid the alcohol!

Shloer White Grape & Elderflower
Now this for us was WOW!
We had this one with dinner and finished it off while watching a movie straight after! It has a subtle taste and is a little sweet and tingly on your taste buds.
Yum Yum I will certainly be buying this again, its definitely a winner.

Although the recommended retail price of this drink is only £1.97, Shloer have not skimped on the product, the juice and the look of the bottle is lovely and something I would not be ashamed of taking over to a friends house when invited for dinner.

It felt like a nice treat drinking it with my hubby while watching a movie, but as it's not expensive I think I will keep a couple in the cupboard for that alone!

My grandparents enjoy wine but the alcohol gives them heartburn more often than not so I will definitely be buying quite a few of these to keep them happy over Christmas, the best of it all is that the kids can have some too! ;)


  • Some varieties taste very similar to wine minus the alcohol (for those that enjoy wine)
  • Non Alcoholic!!! Yay
  • Bottles have beautiful presentation
  • Price
  • Contains no preservatives, artificial colours, sweeteners or flavours
  • Suitable for the whole family including the little ones!

  • Some varieties taste very similar to wine minus the alcohol (for those that don't like wine)
  • Can't think of anything else!

You can join Shloer over on facebook for your chance to win a some Ben Stiller dvds or enjoy from their selection of Shloer recipes!


Monica x

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