Saturday, 6 November 2010

Audeo Perfect Bass PFE 022 earphones + Mic - A Gadget Dad Review


Audéo Perfect Bass earphones are fitted with specially designed, in-built filters that ‘tune’ sound waves to boost low frequencies and provide cleaner bass tones. The result is a punchier more exciting output, that doesn’t compromise on the overall sound quality.

Utilising their experience in comfort and fit, the latest innovation from Phonak includes three sets of interchangeable, silicone ear pieces – each ergonomically designed to sit comfortably in the ear, even after hours of use. As well as increasing stability and reducing cable noise, this extra secure fit reduces unwanted external noise by up to 23 decibels – the equivalent of ambient music in a restaurant or background conversation.

Like the first generation of Audéo Perfect Fit earphones, the new bass version allows the wearer to enjoy crystal clear sound quality at a lower, safer volume - reducing the risk of hearing damage. Experts predict that one in ten 30-year-olds could be wearing a hearing aid by 2020 due to irreversible hearing damage caused by continuous exposure to loud music from earphones**.

Audéo Perfect Bass Earphones are available in black from, priced at £85 with a microphone and £68 without, also available at other retailers. They are compatible with all standard MP3 players, iPod and iPhone models with a 3.5mm stereo jack.
**The Noise Abatement Society, 2009

Gadget Dad Verdict:

Great sound quality with perfect fit.
After you have had a go at testing which ear tip fits you best, you get a secure and snug fit which helps blocking out the outside noise. Packaging looks great too which is always a bonus specially when giving as a gift!

Earphones are ergonomically designed, very comfortable to wear and look stylish.

This particular model has a microphone and this worked great, no complaints from people that called me either, they heard me nice and clearly.
They come with a 2 years warranty which I find great as normally these products come with a 1 yr warranty, this makes me feel much more confident about the quality of the product. On top of that Phonak are originally specialise a hearing aids... can't think of anyone better to trust in to put a pair of earphones in my ears... they definitely know what they are talking about! 

  • 3 different sized earphone tips for a great fit
  • Microphone - great for using with your phone
  • Swiss engineering
  • 2 years warranty!
  • Look great
  • Great sound
  • Phonak actually specialise in hearing aids, so they know what they are talking about!
  • Would be great if they were available in different colours
Rating: 9/10

Gadget Dad

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