Thursday, 18 November 2010

The Designer Toilet Roll Company - A Review

Seriously...did you ever think you could wipe yourself in designer luxury?!? Lol I didn't!!!

I was directed to to choose a product to review, I was really curious because I thought... "Designer toilet paper? Whoever heard of such a thing!?"

I sincerely imagined some "blingy" toilet paper with designer logos on it.... costing £20-£30 a roll!! hehehe

To my surprise I encountered a sophisticated website offering sophisticated toilet paper in a really cool range of colours and designs!!! So that is what designer meant!!
I chose the black and white design toilet paper (1st on the left), I was "forced" to really because my toilet has black/grey tiles, so pink or lime toilet paper would have looked weird but I sooooo wish I had a neutral toilet that I could have all the different colours and change them according to my mood!!!!!

They also have trendy kitchen roll and I must say that I also wish I had a kitchen that looked like the one below.... then I would buy matching kitchen roll for when I had friends over! ;) My kitchen looks like this except at the moment its very messy!!!

I had some friends and family over and absolutely everyone that used the toilet asked me about the toilet paper!! Definitely one to impress!! This is great for when you have dinner parties, friends over, special occasions...

Oh well if you can afford it why not treat your bathroom and bottom to designer toilet paper all the time?! ;) Don't forget the kitchen too!

The paper is beautiful and the designs are really well defined and printed, the choice of colours is amazing too. Although for me this would be kept more for special occasions as they are a bit over my budget but if you can afford it... why not?!

This gets a 4/5 from me for the sheer style and beauty of.... yes, toilet paper!

I forgot to say that they have other novelty toilet paper too... one of them looks like bank notes so you can wipe your bottom with money! hehehe

Monica x


missielizzie said...

What a great review!

I never knew such a company or product existed either!

The hot pink one would look great in my bathroom...

M.F.B HQ said...

Thank you! Its amazing how I never heard of it before too, but then again we don't exactly google for toilet paper! lol

Monica x

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