Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Taking Control

Pic courtesy of "Bridget Jones Diary" the movie
As most of you will know I gave birth 5 weeks ago by caesarean. I thought the road to recovery would be long and painful but by the end of the first week I felt confident doing most of the things I did pre-pregnancy apart from not being able to lift heavy objects and drive. I believe that what helped my confidence and aided my recovery was... Wait for it... My control pants!

I'll explain… I was advised to get a pair whether I had a natural birth or c section by a few friends who had been given the advice from their midwives, and after I had the baby the physiotherapist that visits and shows you certain exercises also told me to get a pair - and it really was the best thing I did.

Not only do they hold your tummy in and make you feel like you've got a more flattering figure but they help hold in the ‘sag’ you get after giving birth – especially after having a c section they seem to hold everything in place and stop your tummy from pulling making it less painful, they also help with the swelling and mean that you don’t have pants that sit on your scar line or pinch half way up your tummy.

I invested in a few pairs so I could wear them during the day every day. You don’t have to spend a fortune, I found pairs in Matalan for £6 which I think is very reasonable and they were the ones that come up to just under your boobs. They are also handy, as they come up so high, for hiding your tummy when you’re breast feeding so you can lift up your jumper and not expose any flesh.

Confidence in your figure after pregnancy is such a big thing as you haven’t worn your everyday wardrobe for 9 months and if you’re anything like me, you’ll be itching to get into your pre pregnancy clothing, it made me feel great when I went out 8 days after giving birth and a few people commented on how great I looked and that my tummy was hardly there, the control pants were helping hold everything in and create a more flattering, flatter stomach - just hearing someone complimenting you boosts your confidence. The pants have also meant I can get into clothes that I would otherwise be self conscious in so I have got back to normality quicker than I would have imagined.

I just wanted make other new mums out there aware of the benefits of control pants as not all midwives tell you about them and such a small thing made me feel so much better in a lot of ways – and if they’re good enough for Bridget Jones, they’re good enough for us yummy mummy’s!!

Emily x

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