Thursday, 3 March 2011

Phone and wi-fi Shields - A Gadget Dad Review

Protection for the family

Using a mobile phone and using the computer at the office and at home adds up to hours of exposure each day to electro magnetic radiation (EMR) and scientific reports and tests show that over half an hour a day is seen as high usage. Many of us use a computer all day at work and then spend our leisure time surfing the internet at home. Radiation from mobiles, computers, laptops and other wire-less technology cannot be seen, heard or smelled yet is all around us. Scientifically proven, the Phoneshield product makes it really easy for you to take some precautionary action for yourself and your family against the dangers of EMR and give a loved one a conscientious gift this festive season. The quartz crystal technology aids to diffuse and eliminate some of the dangerous effects of EMR and give peace of mind. The PhoneShield works by emitting its own low frequency signal, which intercepts and cancels the phone's pulsed frequency pattern alleviating its harmful effect on the brain and the body's biological system.

Developed and manufactured in the UK, the Phoneshield (rrp £12.50) and the Wi-fi (rrp £14.99) Shields are available online from where you can also find lots of useful information and research on radiation and more.

Gadget Dad Verdict:

My wife was suffering from a lot of headaches and hair loss and we got these two products to review, they claim that this product will work against harmfull EMR.
Installation was very quick and easy, all you need to do is peel off the sticker from the back of the shield and stick it on the back of your phone or computer. One of the things that did not appeal to me was the size of the shield for the mobile phone, it would be nice if there could be a way to reduce the size for the next line of mobile shields. We have been testing these two products for about two months now and my wife's head aches and hair loss have stopped!

Its amazing that she is feeling better although this wasn't a scientific experiment or anything but we believe that it is related to the shields.

  • Really easy to install just peel and stick
  • Comes in blue and pink
  • It seems to have worked with my wife's head aches and hair loss
  • Could have been a bit smaller
Rating: 9/10

Till next time
Gadget Dad

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