Friday, 25 March 2011

The arrival of the Graco Fusio Pushchair

We were chosen as one of five to test out the Graco Fusio, the newest pushchair from Graco (apparently pronounced Grey-Co! all these years I have been saying it wrong!! Lol).

When we first looked at the prospect of doing this I went looking for information on this pushchair, after all why would I want to test something that isn't appropriate for our life style? Even if it's free!

So I read the information and looked at the pushchair and it all looked good, although I had a pramette before with my son (almost 5 years ago now) from a leading brand that cost a fortune and wasn't totally impressed with the system once it was put on pushchair mode, so I was hoping for this to be better and looking forward to trying it out.

When it arrived I was desperate to get into the box to check the colour, my last two pushchairs have been red, so I have red accessories to go with it and would be disappointed if these didn't go with the new one! I opened the top of the box and to my amazement it was RED! Yaaay, I was so pleased and relieved!

I waited until my hubby got home so we could  unpack it and take pictures so we could show you, but this was very hard as I am mighty inpatient as you may know by now!

So here it is, I thought it was a small box considering what was supposed to be inside and once we did take out all the stuff we wondered how they managed to fit it all in!

In the box came a cover for use when in pram mode (on the right hand side  in the pic above), a comfy padded liner for when using with a small baby (one on top), the pushchair, full rain cover and best of all a full foot muff! 
The foot muff caught me by complete surprise as I wasn't expecting this to be included! At this point I thought this is good value for money but of course I was yet to test out the pushchair.
Once we clicked the wheels in, yes literally clicked in (no faffing about with instructions), the Fusio was ready to go! One thing that bugged me when I first had a look at this pushchair was "how on earth does a pushchair that is umbrella style fold, stand by itself?" but it was dead easy, just literally stand it up! No levers or bicycle style stand up bits as I had imagined. It just simply stands on its own!

So now we had put it up and our first thoughts were:
Very sturdy frame, ginormous (gigantic & enormous ;) ) basket, wheels with smooth swivelling action, strong hood, handles can be moved 360 degrees in any angle you want for comfort, you can lock the wheels straight at hand height and the break is super easy to use, no need to push on different sides for locking and unlocking, just one stepping "button" to push for either function, super easy & convenient.

Now the handles sparked a bit of parody with my husband and I, we adjusted them so they were outwards (very comfy way to push in

The Graco Fusio can also be used with the child facing me which particularly interests me.

So just from opening the box and checking out the Fusio, it gets 10/10 from us but we have yet to tell you about using it!

Will it be all so easy and pleasant as it looks?
You'll just have to wait and see on our next Graco Fusio post!

Monica x

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