Thursday, 24 March 2011

Meet our newest author - Nicki

I was recently given a copy of Time Management For Dummies, and so far haven’t had time to read it. In fact, it is in my bathroom, as the only spare minutes I seem to have at the moment is when on the loo. Taking on anything else might seem crazy but when the lovely Monica casually mentioned she was looking for regular guest-posters I jumped at the chance, rescued the book from the loo, and got myself sorted, as this is a fantastic place for me to blog. Fresh, modern, quirky, a little mad – I will fit in here nicely I think.

So here I am, your newest “resident” guest poster. Monica thought it might be nice for you to know a little more about me so I’ll start at the top.

I am the very lucky Mum to two fabulous boys, Kieran who is 4yrs old and Taylor who is 16 weeks old (ok he is 4 months to the day very soon but for now, I am sticking to 16 weeks!).

Kieran is possibly the funniest, cutest and most fearless 4yr old known to man (especially the fearless part) and I adore him! He has been at school since September ’10 and loves it! Taylor’s personality is already starting to shine through and if I had to use one word to describe it... mischievous. Oh joy! This one will keep me on my toes. A complete giggle-pot. Best of all, they are smitten with each other. Yes one very lucky and proud Mummy here!


The Long-Suffering Husband (Roy) is a gem, he is a hands on Dad, knows how to use the washing machine, makes egg fried rice from scratch that would make our local Chinese takeaway sob in frustration and is a great support. I work from home full-time, writing, blogging and other miscellaneous things, AND am a full-time Mum, housewife, cook, accountant, personal shopper.... (basically the same as every other Mum really) and Roy is great because he recognises this and appreciates what I do, as I do with him. We’ve been married 8 years and we fit perfectly. One very lucky and happy wife here!

Oh yeah, ME!

Well, with me you pretty much get what’s written on the packet; 2 scoops of children, one of husband, a smidge of sarcasm, a pinch of wit, a handful of humour, a portion of craziness, a touch of wannabe-interior-designer , a slice of freelance writer and blogger... and I love to cook too!

You’ll get to know lot’s more about me, my kids and the hubby over the next few months, and I’m looking forward to finding out more about the My Funny Bunny Blog readers!

Nicki x

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