Monday, 22 August 2011

Radiopaq Duo's DJ Style Headphones Review

Radiopaq extended their popular range of unique designer audio headsets by adding the Duos a classic over-head DJ style headphones available in five colours: High Gloss Copper, Candy Green, Candy Purple, Metallic Silver,  and Soft Touch Black.

The Duo headphones are adjustable and easy to store thanks to Fold Flat Tilt and Swivel headphone cups, with soft 15mm cushions. Gold plated 3.5mm connector also added for optimal sound transfer.
Powerful 40mm sound driver were added to the Duos to ensure first class specification.

Radiopaq Duos are available for RRP of £19.99 in stores now at Carphone Warehouse, ASDA, Argos, WHSmith and

Gadget Dad Verdict:

There are a lot of DJ style headphones out there and these new Radiopaq Duos really freshens things up for a change. The colours are really fresh and will be a great hit for both young and old during this summer. The headphones come in a great looking solid box and is packed very well without wasting packing materials.

The problem with the usual DJ style headphones are that they are very bulky and not so easy to transport but Radiopaq made it easy with the special Fold Flat Tilt and Swivel design. They fold so flat that there is no problem to fit them in a briefcase or student bag.

They are also comfortable to wear around the neck when not in use. The soft 15mm cushions are very soft on the ears but I think the cushions could have been a bit bigger as they did feel a bit uncomfortable around the ears if worn for a while, as if they were pushing your ears at the bottom and the top. I understand that they wanted to keep the headphones as small as possible and also still keep them comfortable but maybe if they made them oval shape they could have been a bit better. A microphone would have been a welcomed addition to these as a lot of people these days use their smartphones to listen to their music while on the go.

The build quality and the way they fold flat are excellent and the fact that they are available in 5 funky and stylish colours are a thumbs up!

The sound quality of the Duos are remarkably crisp and the base just hits the right mellow defined note and outside noises from the busy world are kept outside, feels like you are in your own little world without feeling like your damaging your ears to keep other noises out so you enjoying your favourite music.

  • Easy Fold Flat, Tilt and Swivel design for storing away in a bag or briefcase.
  • Adjustable soft padded headband for secure fit.
  • Ultra soft 15mm deep ear cushions reduce pressure on ears.
  • Unbeatable crisp and superior audio for the price.
  • Gold plated 3.5mm connector for optimal sound transfer on: Apple iPad, iPhone and other MP3 Players.
  • Available in 5 cool colours: High Gloss Copper, Candy Green, Candy Purple, Metallic Silver and Soft Touch Black.
  • The only thing I found could be improved with the Radiopaq headphones was that the cushions going around the ears could have been a tiny bit bigger or maybe oval shaped to make them a bit more comfortable around the ears and they could have added a microphone so you can use it with smartphones like the iPhone.
Gadget Dad Rating: 8/10

Till next time
Gadget Dad

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