Wednesday, 24 August 2011

MOO - Awesome Printing & a Voucher Code!

Yes you heard it right... MOO...probably the coolest printing company on the planet!!!

If you haven't heard yet MOO was born out of a love of beautiful, high-quality print.

MOO brings different to the table with the patent-pending ‘Printfinity’ technology, it helps its customers to showcase their business or brand, their products or personality, by printing a different image on every card in a pack!

Printing millions of cards a month, MOO has hundreds of thousands of customers in over 180 countries.

Well I guess you would like your promo code? Yes? Ok, there is one catch... you have to be my friend!

You are?! Great then go here!

See because you are my friend and I am ever so popular, my friends at MOO will give you 10% off your order! Neat isn't it? Go on pop over to the MOO website.

Business Cards
Business cards should be a conversation starter – don’t let
your cards let you! MOO allows you to upload your photos
or designs, logo and details to fully personalise your cards,
with a different image on every card in a pack!

Available in short print runs of 50 cards, MOO’s doublesided,
Business Cards are printed in full colour on a smooth,
premium 350gsm/16pt stock. Ideal for making a great first
Premium Business Cards from:
$21.99 / £10.99 (excl. VAT) / €12.79 (excl. VAT)

Greeting Cards
A personalised greeting makes a card come to life. Create
cards for your clients, your friends or your family by
uploading your own images or designs.
Haven’t got your own? Why not chose from a selection of MOO designs!
You can easily customise the cards with your logo or a
personal message. Available in short print runs of 25 cards,
with a different image on each card in a pack.
Custom Greeting Cards with envelopes from:
$39.99 / £17.79 (excl. VAT) / €21.45 (excl. VAT)

There's loads more on their website!! MiniCards, Eco Friendly Business Cards, Postcards, Sticker Books and loads of accessories... You have to see it to believe it.

We are regular customers, so we certainly recommend them!

Monica x

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