Thursday, 25 August 2011

Naturalmat Coco Mat Review

The Naturalmat Coco Mat Baby Mattress is recommended for newborns and babies up to
18 months. It provides children with gentle support and excellent breathability. It consists of
an organic coir (coconut fibre) core which gives the mattress spring whilst the organic lambswool tufting adds extra comfort.

The Coco Mat Mattress comes with a machine washable cotton cover and more importantly it is completely chemical free.
The Naturalmat Coco Mat Mattress can be ordered online and be delivered to your door within five days.
Naturalmat customers have provided the company with an overwhelming amount of positive
reviews. You can purchase Naturalmat products from

Our opinion:

We got one of these mattresses for my daughter, she had a soft mattress which I wasn't very happy with in the first place and needed a new one right about now.

This arrived pretty quickly, when I opened the box and had a look at how luxe it was, I had an epiphany! I had to get her room sorted before we put on her cot bed... make her room look as lovely as the new mattress.

Silly I know as no one would actually see the mattress but it mattered to me! Maybe it's mummy syndrome, not sure, but we did end up painting her room, getting rid of loads of stuff and now her room looks pretty. Her mattress was put in and she went to bed that evening as normal.

I must say, as her old mattress was softer, I was expecting her to wake up but nothing, she slept until the next morning as normal... lovely. The cover on the mattress is a very nice cream and extremely soft cotton, the outer cover can be removed for washing which is nice and practical.

Even when I sit on the cot bed the mattress feels comfy to me, when I bought her first mattress I spent about £80 and if I had realised that I could have gotten a natural one that is super comfortable and totally chemical free for a bit more I would of happily bought one (Specially considering its hand made right in England, Devon to be precise)!

The mattress comes with a 5 year manufacturer's guarantee, and after a quick peek... they do adult mattresses now as well, although I would have to save up for a good while as my bed is king size!

The fact that the mattresses are Chemical Free is one of the most important factors to me and my family as well as comfort, there are already so much pollutants around us and we spend an awful lot of time sleeping and inhaling whatever is in our mattress, so this fact is reassuring.

It also might not matter to everyone but I was quite impressed how the mattress was packaged, it came wrapped in 100% biodegradable cornstarch "plastic" (instead of real plastic that stays around for years and years) and then in a cardboard box. Excellent, impressively eco friendly.

So a week later...

Rating: 10/10

Monica x


magnet printing said...

Wow. That's great. It looked tight. I mean, the picture that you have here shows how tight the components of the mattress are. This is absolutely fantastic. Have a great weekend!

Naturalmat said...

Thanks for the great review!

M.F.B HQ said...

We say it like it is, honest is the way!

So no bother :)

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