Sunday, 13 January 2013

Runalyzer Heart Rate Monitor Sport Pack Review

2013 is here and everyone is setting their New Years resolutions to improve their health.Most of us need a little push to make it happen, and unfortunately we can't all afford to get ourselves a personal trainer to keep us motivated and on track.

A French company called Runware designed a small attachment to connect to your i-devices which most of us have! Alla Kazam! Here is your personal trainer, said the genie!

Runalyzer is the first heart rate meter to connect to the iPhone, iPod touch and the iPad and it is also approved by Apple. The attachment itself is very small and connects to the 30pin port of your iPhone, iPod touch and the iPad. It even has a voice coach to keep you motivated while busy with your workout.

Inside the sport pack you get the heart rate meter, the chest strap, heart rate sensor and also a armband. Set up is very easy and you can use the runware software that you get from the App Store or you can choose from a selection of compatible apps. This makes it very versatile indeed. What I really like about this product is that if you are in the gym on the running or cross trainer machine the sensor gets picked up and displays on the machine's interface without the need of you hanging on to the bars to get your heart rate.The actual chest strap could have been more comfortable, but then again I'm not used to having a strap all the way around my chest!


  • Setup is very easy.
  • Armband very comfortable.
  • Other apps can be used for this.


  • Chest strap could have been a little bit more on the comfortable side, not that bad though.

Gadget Dad rating: 8.5/10

Till next time! Gadget Dad



james said...

The heart rate pack sounds cool gadget dad. Is it able to synch with other heart rate monitors like the ones built into the treadmill like this? I would be interested to have the treadmill change its settings depending on the heart rate coming from runalyzer then its built in monitor.

M.F.B HQ said...

Hi James,

Unfortunately you can't do that. It would be interesting but I would guess it would also be up to the treadmill's manufacturer.

Thanks for reading.

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