Monday, 16 February 2009

I am late on I LOVE YOU DAY!

Oh, I know... I am late, so sorry was too busy having fun! (and then cleaning up!)

I was expecting to have the most rubbish valentines day ever and was feeling really down because of it, On Friday my hubby was working and on Saturday too...oh I was in the dumps!

It went like this...

My hubby arrived from work on Friday and I moaned about him working on Sat (luv u day) so as usual we ate and my hubby moaned he didn't have any laundered shirts to go to work, so he stomped up the stairs to go and collect his shirts and put them in the wash, I asked him if I could have the camera on the Saturday so I could list some bits on eBay as I need to clear out a lot of stuff in the house and he moaned but said OK but he was taking it on Sunday to work.

He packed all his bits for going to work and everything as usual.

We spent some time together as a family and then he said he needs to go to bed cause he is working the next day, so I got my son and we all got ready for bed. I asked if he could help me with Stefan and he moaned saying he needed to go to sleep but helped anyway.
We all went to sleep and I cuddled up and told him I love him and fell asleep.

This is where the fun starts! ;)

My hubby woke up with the alarm as usual and got up. Kissed me and said "Happy Valentines Baby, Love You".
After a while I felt him come back to bed but I though, Its Saturday he came back to have a little lay in since everything is ready, I cuddled up to him then I amazingly fell asleep like a butterfly!

I suddenly awoke & jumped up to look at the time! Wow it was 7.30am and he was supposed to be at work! I shook him really vigorously and said " Baby, baby, wake up its 7.30 you are really late!" my husband opens his eyes very calmly and says very quietly " I know, Its my gift to you for Valentines" he got up and in one swift move gave me the longest stemmed rose I have ever seen, a beautiful bright red rose and a red envelope and gave me a great big kiss.

Wow I felt I had just won the lottery! Everything the opposite of what I expected my day to be!

It was a beautiful handmade card saying I love you wit two hearts, my hubby spilled his heart on the inside including being thankful for our family & my support.

The rest of the day was great, before my son woke up everything was very lovey dovey ;) if you know what I mean!

When my son woke up we had breakfast at McDs (yay junk food!) and got a free blue mug, then we went off to football for Stefan.

We then went to visit my parents and afterwards we went to a farm shop and bought some treats! After that the day was very lazy and we even had an afternoon nap. The three of us which was a miracle!!! In the evening we watched a movie (Space Chimps) as a family.

I had already given my hubby his valentines gift on Thursday since he wasn't gonna be home for Valentine's. I gave him Photoshop Elements 7 since he had been moaning about it for months but we couldn't afford it! Since I spent so much on that he had asked me what I wanted and I had told him nothing, since we don't have any dosh after I bought his present anyway. I just wanted to spend the day with him but that wasn't possible! He moaned too and said "I can't even give you flowers cause you complain about spending so much money on something that dies" (he once spent over £60 on a bunch of roses and I had a BIG moan although I luv roses!).

My Final Though...

Yes I am very grateful for the things I do have and having my hubby home on I luv u day was the best for me, he didn't have any hols left so he had to swap shifts with someone and he did everything as a surprise which made it even better!

I loved my I LOVE YOU day, it was priceless, I got to be with the ones that I love. I hope you loved your I love you day too!

Monica xx

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Jen said...

We were able to do the same.....we even had our romantic Valentine's dinner out with our 3 kids! Ha! Thank goodness kids sleep, right!?!

I'm glad your husband was able to surprise you and be home for the big day!


TiLT said...

what a great day! We don't really do Valentines day in my house...but everyone still acts a little extra lovey - even the 3yo cuddled :)

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