Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Stefan's 1st Etsy Photoshoot!

About a week ago was Stefan's first Etsy photoshoot!
I made a Skull and Bones Beanie for him which I wanted to list on Etsy so Stefan was to be my model!

The house isn't exactly the best place as there isn't much free space available! We are waiting to move, don't know exactly yet when, but when we get the news it will be, go, go ,go!

Outside is a bit cold so we had th shoot indoors but with a bit of difficulty.
Well, I am pleased to say that we both had a giggle and I took tons of shots but obviously could only keep a few!
Stefan named it Pirate Hat, that is why on one of the pics he is doing his "Aaaarg! Me mateys!" face! I think its hilariously cute, but then I am his mum!
He has already requested a scarf too! So I guess that is the queue of projects!
If you want a Pirate Beanie for your little one to be warm and look cute in or play dress up, be sure to visit www.myfunnybunny.com I can make them any size from age 0-3 months and in any colour! Really dinky and cute!
The great thing about them is as they grow up you can loosen the knot so it fits them for longer!
Chat soon,

Monica xx


SquishyCuteStuff said...

Sooo adorable!! I think my girls would even like to be a pirate :-)

My youngest is potty training now...isn't it fun? LOL

TiLT said...

Those are some great looks! I tried using my son for a shoot - propped to look like he was getting into mommy's purses...but he got too into it :P

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