Friday, 3 April 2009


We are very excited to be attending our first ever HANDMADE only craft fair! Also extremely nervous as I havent had as much time as I wanted to prepare for it!!!
Well, having just recently started the business recently, being 30 weeks pregnant, preparing to move and having my almost 3 yr old son running around its been tough! Having good & tough times with my hormones all over the place!
I will be there though, will be great to get feedback from customers and get a feel for it all.
I have many items made, although not on the internet shops as I haven't had the time to put them there, they look lovely, I am just very demanding of myself and wanted to have more stuff ready. I tried to have many different things made to represent what I do!
I do have many more things to make and can't wait to have a full shop with all my items and ideas!
I am very pleased though, apart from throwing myself into the deep end, I have managed to get my stuff accepted to be stocked in a shop! So I must be doing something right!
Hope to see you at the fair! Monica xx
For a list of this years events go here.
We will be at table # 7 - the second green one on your left as you come in.

Event: Craft Fair - HANDMADE @ Cambridge
Time: 11am - 5pm Admission: Free
Address: Cambridge Guildhall, Market Square, Cambridge CB2 3QJ
Supported Charity: Blue Cross

There are several car parks in the city centre of Cambridge, please visit this link for details and prices - . You can also use the Park and
Ride service which departs from several locations on the outskirts of the city, please visit this link for more
information. .The cost will be far lower than
parking in the city all day.

TRAIN – The train station is a walk of just over a mile from the Guildhall. Buses and taxis also run from the
station to the city centre
BUS – Drummer Street bus station is 5 minutes away from the Guildhall.

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