Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Lamaze spin & explore the sea gym

We got this play gym for my daughter when she started pushing herself up with her arms, our thought was this would encourage her to stay longer on her tummy to strengthen her muscles and also to keep her busy for a while!

I must say that I love how colourful Lamaze toys are and this mat is no exception!
You can use this toy as a play mat for the baby to play or lay on, it has a mirror, some crinkly soft toys and labels all around to attach extra stuff to (e.g. My Funny Bunny's Toy/ Soother Holder) which come in handy.

The play mat is really soft & it folds quite small compared to some others, the only thing is its quite thin so you can't really put your baby on a hard floor with it without something else soft underneath if you are to lay the baby down on it, best for use on a bed or carpet.

When you put the little spinning "surfboard" on top it becomes a completely different toy!
You put your baby on their tummy and they have fun exploring all the toys and pulling themselves around. 

My daughter had fun in this and it kept her happy for a little while at a time. I found that in the beginning she would get tired of holding herself up but as soon as she got good at it she wanted to explore the world rather than stay and play on it!

This is aimed at 0 - 6 month old babies, I guess this is because you can use the play mat before you use the spinning "surfboard" when they are a little older, a newborn will certainly not tolerate it.

You can machine wash the mat as you can remove the mirror to do so which is quite helpful, specially when they drool & throw up on it!

Pros: Colourful, Multi Use, Easy to Clean, Easy to Use, Lots of Fun
Cons: Quickly outgrown, RRP £34.99

Overall: A big thumbs up but should be cheaper!

Monica xx

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