Wednesday, 2 March 2011

A Business Mums Journal - Press Releases

Today I had a conversation with my husband where we decided that if we could find some PR services that we could afford, we should take them up. I don't have much time to do much of it and to be sincere I am rubbish at finding newsworthy angles and not much of a writer either to be able to write a story in a way that would make journalists interested.

In my mind I need a pr person that has been a journalist or a journalist that knows what they are doing but here is the catch.... they have to be great at what they do but I can't afford much.

Impossible right!!!

No I can't afford to spend hundreds and I certainly don't want to pay for something that I don't think is spantabulous (spectacular and fabulous), so kind of hard really. As a small business I have very little budget to work with and it's tough to place the small budget you do have in the hands of someone not knowing what you are going to get in return.

Everyone seems to charge not less than about £50 but its hard to say to someone... OK go ahead and then you end up with something that you don't think is spantabulous, so if you don't think it is, how is anyone else going to think it's great? Then what do you tell that writer? "sorry that sucks"?

You can't just turn around and say "That's no good so I am not going pay you for it, because I'm not going to use it!", that person is going to think you're a nutter as they have spent time writing for you and they are going to thing you are going to thief their writing!!!


I can't just find a writer, I need to find someone that can help brainstorm ideas of newsworthy angles or stories. Oh and did I mention at a mouse budget?!


Any journalists out there that care to help me find newsworthy angles for no particular reason?! Maybe just a general love for bunnies??

No? Right off to my desperation corner again.

This dilemma coupled with the fact that my son is off school with an ear infection (started just before he had to go back to school!) so he's in a very annoying kind of mood and a toddler that wont leave me alone.... I am having an awesome day!!! (did you notice the sarcastic tone at all?)

If you do know anyone that could help me, please do let me know.

Until next time.

Monica x

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