Saturday, 25 February 2012

Our new Shop's sign...Dull & Boring?

When you think of My Funny Bunny... do you think dull & boring? I certainly hope not!

We are in the middle of designing our shop sign.

I really want to make the sign fun and inviting and that ties in with the fun decor inside the shop which we have already planned. I am not too fond of boring shop signs that just have the name of the business across the sign, it does suit some businesses but not all and it certainly would not fit mine!

My Funny Bunny is all about fun... childhood is all about fun, so we certainly don't want to be boring.

At first I gave my designer the initial brief and idea and this is what she came up with...

Click on image to zoom in

The initial idea was ok but it needed a lot of tweaking, I wasn't too fond of flowers but loved the pink tulips and the tree was a bit too heavy and dark, and me and the hubby thought it would be a good idea to add some carrots growing off the ground and a little bird on the tree.

We also weren't too fond of the website address being integrated into the logo as we really wanted the emphasise the brand and the boutique not the website address.

So after an email and a little patience we got this...

Click on image to zoom in

I have already replied back with a wide version of our logo like on our website as I think this will look much better, on this one because of adding the website address the logo became much smaller and it does not emphasise the My Funny Bunny so much, so the wider one may fix this problem and also all the emptiness on the sides.
I also think the carrots need to be tweaked a bit to look more like our own carrot so a little more round instead of squarish and a bit more into the ground.

Now a little bit more waiting to see what it comes back like....

I'm not very patient though when it comes to these things!

What do you think so far, any suggestions?

M x

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